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In short, the Dolphins were playing to win. That's what you want your coach to do. wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping Philbin would have been criticized for the opposite approach. We see Philbin's two primary problems Sunday differently:

He didn't stick with his beliefs: After playing to win by throwing the ball on second down with 3:05 to play, Philbin lost his nerve. He admitted Monday that he got "antsy" and told offensive coordinator Bill Lazor to run the ball on third down because he got "queasy." Essentially, Philbin took a half measure. He had a plan to be aggressive and couldn't stomach it. wholesale nfl jerseys from china That's not what you want out of your leader. It's reminiscent of his muddled approach publicly to the team's quarterback situation after the loss to Kansas City.

His use of timeouts: Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald has a good piece wholesale nfl jerseys china breaking down everything that went wrong for the Dolphins in the last three minutes of the game. The Packers faced a fourth-and-10 with just over a minute to go. The game was on the line, and the Miami defensive line was winning the battle up front.

Philbin chose to take a timeout, saving Green Bay at least five to seven wholesale nfl jerseys supply seconds and giving the Packers' offense time to regroup after three failed plays.

"That decision is beyond comprehension," a Dolphins source told Salguero. "You could see the relief on Rodgers' face when he saw the time out."

After the timeout, Rodgers made an incredible throw in the cheap wholesale nfl jerseys face of pressure to pick up the first down. Philbin later made another odd timeout in the drive ... right before Rodgers' game-winner.

Nike cheap sports jerseys USA with paypal

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